Our Covid-19 Protocols

How we are protecting our patients and our staff

At the Dental & Implant Centre we have always maintained the highest possible standards of hygiene and patient safety. Excellent hand hygiene, surface protection, state-of-the-art sterilisation services, and the use of personal protective equipment is something that we do all day, every day, for every patient, as part of our everyday practice. Our many years of experience in practice, always with the highest standard of hygiene and infection control means that we are successful in keeping our patients and staff safe. We have implemented a new cross infection policy in line with using appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) and infection prevention and control (IPC) protocols in line with the Public Health England and NHS COVID-19 guidance and standard operating procedures.

Our additional cross infection policies are as follows:

  • We use FFP3 masks and appropriate gowns for all operative dentistry procedures
  • We spray the surgery after each patient with a disinfection ULV machine which creates a mist of disinfectant to destroy airborne and settled virus particles.
  • Use of an air purifier
  • Enhanced cleaning
  • Contactless administration

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